La Grazia Di Dio Chicca

Chicca is 5th generation of our own breeding. Her mother is LGDD Victoria AKA Tory and her father is Max Steel Castrignano. Chicca took the best from both her parents. She’s an absolute sweetheart for everybody, yet if she feels it’s needed, she turns into a vicious guardian without fears. She is the daughter of our Tory and Max Steel Castrignano. Also here we choose 2 powerfull dogs in character and structure. Tory’s mother was our Dolly (LGDD Joline), daughter of our Ch. Stella and Ch. Fauno Degli Elmi. This is Chicca’s second litter. We were very pleased with her first litter, from which also came Ch. LGDD Jani (aka Fibi) owned by Nemanja Grozdanić, Corso Sotto La Torre Kennel.

Her pedigree is

La Grazia Di Dio Kennel
Nancy Koper