El Mesquital Hanna Bella

Born 25 November 2015
HD Borderline

Her sire is El Mesquital Timoteo. Her mother is El Mesquital Pretty Little Bionda. Hanna is bred an co-owned by Roy Rojas. She’s on the smaller end of the standard, but very fast and agile due to it. And we’ve seen that her offspring is even on the taller end of the standard. Hanna came with me from Dallas to Manhattan, New York, without ever really been into some town. In Manhattan, she walked around as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Such solid nerves!

This is her pedigree https://canecorsopedigree.com/view_pedigree?id=85098

La Grazia Di Dio Cane Corso Kennel
Nancy Koper